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OMSS Cell Cryoprotectant

Catalog Number:OM626423

Product Profile

Product Name OMSS Cell Cryoprotectant
Product description
OMSS cell cryoprotectant is a new type protein-free cell freezing medium that allows cell cryopreservation directly at -80 °C without programmed freezer. It contains antifreeze polymers, which does not contain serum and protein components from animals. It can effectively improve cell recovery, reduce the pollution of various viruses, molds and mycoplasma, ensure the safety of frozen cells, and meet the needs of most mammalian cells in vitro.

Key Feature

Isotype Cocktail
Host Species Alligator
Purification Affinity purified

Additional Information

Storage Instructions Store at 2~8 °C up to 12 months;Store at -20 °C up to 24 months;
Note: The product is for research use only,not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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