Omnimabs headquartered in California, USA. Omnimabs is a biotech company focusing on development and commercialization of innovative technology and tools for genomics and proteomics research. Omnimabs and its employees are committed to maintaining our leadership position in the fields of protein research.

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Scientist and R&D Manager: Signal Transduction Products

Job description: This position will focus on the development of products, services and technologies related to signal transduction, including detection of protein modifications, determination of kinase activity and screening of inhibitors of signal transduction. Support these products by writing/editing product manuals and by providing pertinent information for Technical Support. Supervise up to 4 technicians and/or lab assistants. Prepare weekly work schedules and monitor daily work schedules to meet the needs of the company. Perform other duties as necessary to meet the needs of the company. Complete all tasks assigned by company supervisor.

Minimal requirement: Ph.D. degree in the biological sciences or equivalent with a minimum of 2-5 year experience in detection and analysis of proteins and assay development. Extensive experience related to detection and analysis of signal transduction is required. Must be highly motivated and team oriented, and possess good communications and leadership skills.

Scientist and R&D Manager: Antibody Products

Job description: The successful candidate will plan and execute the production, purification, characterization and commercialization of antibody products for.

Major Job Responsibilities: Planning and executing research, development and production of antibody products; Acting as Product Manager to support marketing and technical support on all antibody products, including preparation of technical product information for datasheets; Supervising up to 4 technicians and/or lab assistants; Preparing and monitoring weekly work schedules to accommodate the goals of R&D and the needs of production; Completing any tasks assigned by management.

Minimal requirements: Ph.D. degree in the biological sciences or equivalent with a minimum of 2-5 years' experience in antibody protein chemistry, including production, purification and characterization of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Must be team-oriented and highly motivated, possess good communications, management and leadership skills.

Research Technician

Job Description: Plan, perform, report, present and trouble-shoot experiments under the guidance of Scientist. Summarize and organize experimental data. Provide testing services and support production of immunoassay products. Current projects will focus on the protein expression and purification, antibody development and characterization and protein arrays. Minimal requirements: Bachelor degree in Biology or related science plus at least 2 years of related laboratory experience. Have working knowledge of scientific principles. Be able to work independently. Be able to summarize and present work in the meeting. Have good communication skills.

Sales Rep/Sales Manager

Job Description: In charge of directly selling products, services and technologies to existing and new customers. Make telephone call and personal visits to customer. Implement commercial campaign such as trade show, booth, e-mail and others. Ensure that customers are aware of all relevant products, with focus on the features/benefits, quality, and total value of products, rather than price. Providing customer feedback and other marketing-related issues. Provide tech support for customers; help customer technical question and trouble-shooting; Interface with multiple group within R&D, manufacturing, business development and outside parties. Minimal requirement: Must have a Bachelor's or master's degree in Biological/Medical Sciences or equivalent, at least 4 years lab/research experience, plus 2 years sales experience in proteomics and immunological products or experience using these products in the laboratory. Some travel is required. Successful candidate will be team-oriented, highly motivated and have excellent communication and leadership skills.

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