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Omnimabs is an innovated biotech firm with a strategic focus on supplying technology, tools, and services to the lifescience industry. For 10 years, Omnimabs has been a recognized global supplier of antibody and immunodiagnostic products.

The scientific team at Omnimabs is staffed by experts in the fields of monoclonal antibody, recombinant protein and fluorescence technologies. Our expertise in these complementary fields has been translated into both premium quality products and cutting-edge innovation. We are proud of ourselves on providing high-quality monoclonal antibodies and antigens for the diagnostic industry in fields such as Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, Surgical Infection and Tumor Marker, HIV/Chemokine Receptors, Signal Transduction, and Neurobiology.

To date, Omnimabs serves for both industrial and research communities with over 103,000+ antibodies, proteins, kits and accessories. We provide convenient product search tool at Omnimabs.com and comprehensive support data service for both industrial and research applications.

More than simply providing products or services, Omnimabs is singularly focused on providing solutions and suggestions for research demands and challenges. The synergy of Omnimabs's technologies combined with the premium values of quality, innovation, and service, make Omnimabs uniquely be qualified as a leading provider from Proteomics to Antibodomics.

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