New Omnimabs catalogs available now

Omnimabs's new product catalogs, featuring over 50000 high-quality antibodies, proteins & Kits for life sciences community, is now available for request. The 2017 product catalogs covers many aspects of process. For consideration and request please e-mail to:

Chapter 1: Omnimabs Profile
Chapter 2: A-Z antibodies
Chapter 6: Proteins & Peptide
Chapter 3: CD Markers
Chapter 4: Cell Biology
Chapter 7: Neuroscience
Chapter 8: Stem Cells
Chapter 6: Buffer, Kits & Accessories
Chapter 5: Veterinary
Chapter 6: Protocols & Tips

Search the catalog number from any major antibody supplier/brand in the search bar above. The search engine will return OmnimAbs products for these targets.

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